Frequently asked questions


+ What exactly is indoor-cycling?

Also known as spinning, indoor cycling is a high-energy cardio and strengthening workout that involves stationary bikes and music in a group setting. It’s intense and fun!

+ What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel your bike by 6 pm the evening before the class date to avoid being charged for the class (or, in the case of Unlimited Packs, being charged an $18 late-cancel/no-show fee). If you are on a wait list and no longer want the class, you must also cancel your wait-list spot or risk being moved into the class and charged for it. Your chance of being moved from wait list to class expires at 6 pm the evening before the class.

+ How do I know if I got off the wait list?

If you did, you will receive an email message prior to 6 pm the evening before the class saying that you are off the wait list and in the class. Once this occurs, you will be registered for the class and will be charged unless you cancel your spot by 6 pm the evening before the class. Please check your email, and remember to cancel your wait list spot if you no longer want the class. After 6 pm the evening before the class, we may call or email you if a spot opens up, but you will not be added automatically.

+ What if I am new to indoor cycling?

We love newbies. Indoor cycling is terrific for people of all fitness levels and experience. You are in charge of your own resistance and speed, so you can work at your own pace and comfort level.

+ What should I bring to class?

Bring cycling shoes that are SPD or LOOK Delta compatible and a water bottle. If you don't have cycling shoes, we will provide them for you (athletic shoes do not work with our pedals). We also supply the towel (yeah, you’re going to sweat – a lot). For TRX, Core and Stretch classes, you’ll only need a water bottle.

+ Do I need to check in for class?

Yes; please check in at the front desk when you arrive so we know you are here and ready to ride. You’ll be told your assigned bike number and offered cycling shoes in case you do not have your own.

+ Do I need special shoes?

Cycling shoes with SPD or LOOK delta cleats are required for our cycling classes but we will provide them for you if you do not have your own. You will enjoy a better and safer RIDE with the cycling shoes, we promise!

+ When can I reserve a class?

Reserve classes for the current week at any time. Every Sunday at 2:00, the next week’s worth of classes goes live on our site, and at that time you can book classes through the following Monday.

+ What if I am late to a class?

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time to get your bike set up and get ready to RIDE. We reserve the right to give your bike to another RIDER if you are not in the saddle (on your bike!) at class start time. If you are running late, please call the studio to hold a bike for up to five minutes. We will not allow any RiDERs into the studio more than five minutes after class start time.

+ Where can I park?

Street parking is available (and free) on our block and several surrounding it. Sometimes you’ll need a few extra minutes to find a spot or walk a block, which you should factor in to your drive time.

+ If I am totally out of shape, will I be able to keep up?

Maybe not, but that’s okay! You are at the controls so you can go at your own pace. Everyone is welcome. We are just happy you are here and committed to getting fit.

+ I'm a first timer, do I need to sign up for a certain class?

No, feel free to take whichever class you would like! Please do come at least fifteen minutes early to your first class, though, so a RIDE Team member can help you get set up on your bike and answer any questions.

+ If I'm training for an outdoor ride, will indoor-cycling help?

Absolutely. We love intervals, endurance rides, climbs and sprints – all of which will get you ready for that Century, triathlon, or timed trial.

+ If I forget my water, can I buy one there?

Yes, you can buy one of our affordable, reusable RIDE water bottles filled with our fresh filtered water. We do not sell bottled water at the studio because we care too much about the environment!

+ Does RIDE sell gift cards?

Yes! And, in our opinion, a customizable RIDE Gift Card is the ultimate feel-good gift! Recipients can use them toward classes, RIDE wear, smoothies.

+ Do you have showers?

New development: we have two showers at RIDE Oakland so you can roll out of here feeling fresh. In addition, we have dressing rooms with spritzers and other amenities.

+ If I buy a pack of rides, how long do I have to use them?

Most of our RIDE packs expire one year from date of purchase. Plenty of time to get in those RiDES! There may be a few exceptions with student rides and special promotions. See purchase page for details on expiration.

+ Can children ride?

You must be 13 years or older to RIDE and at least 4'11". If you are under age 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign this parental consent waiver prior to your first class.

+ Can my child hang out in the lounge while I take a class?

Although we love kids, children under the age of 13 may not hang out in the studio unattended while parents participate in class.