Inspiration for Perspiration



A woman-owned independent business, RIDE traces its roots to the owner’s garage. Starting with a handful of spin bikes and a small band of riders, Deb created an upbeat workout that drew enthusiastic cardio-seekers and cultivated a communal, clubhouse experience. Ridership grew, as did Deb’s goal to scale her vision and bring this shared experience coupling a great workout and sense of community to a broader group.

Deb’s original vision remains the RIDE Oakland vision: Since exercise is something we ought to do often, it needs to be fun. For-real fun. And it needs to challenge you, change your body and your perception of what you’re capable of, plus be a stellar value. RIDE has managed to hit every mark. Riders have been passionate for more than five years about our award-winning and reasonably priced full-body indoor-cycling workout. Now we’ve added to our offering with a variety of training classes that build core strength and flexibility as well as our blended-to-order smoothies, the ideal RIDE Replenishment.


 Hit the Beat and Hit Your Goals


our classes

Our classes are geared to all fitness levels. As a newcomer or a master to beat-based indoor-cycling, you will be challenged! You’ll have the opportunity to burn 400-800 calories, strengthen your legs, upper body and core, elevate your heart rate to your own challenge points, and increase mental clarity; the result will leave you exhilarated and recharged. With our strength and stretch classes, you will find the perfect balance to your rides. Aspire to perspire, and let us help you revel in your achievements, whether we’re introducing you to your first class (free of charge!) or applauding you on a milestone. This is our inspiring community, and we welcome you!


It’s go time!

We’re ready for you with cycling shoes if you need them, a fresh towel, high-caliber bikes, and a studio tour with bike set-up assistance. No charge for any of that. If you don’t have a water bottle, we’ve got those for purchase. Less essential but oh-so tempting, we also offer a curated selection of RIDE wear.