Please follow these RULES OF THE RiDE to help us ensure that everyone’s experience is awesome! 


Be on time

And when we say “on time” we actually mean early. Please arrive 10 minutes before class start time. Give yourself time to get set up, say hi to friends or make some new ones, set water and weights in place before we cue the lights and get going. If you come late, we may give your bike to someone else, huge bummer (except to the rider who gets your bike!). No entries into the studio more than five minutes after class start time. 

stash your cell, dim your watch

You deserve 50 minutes a day without the distractions of your phone (and so do the riders around you). Place your cell phone on vibrate, and stash it in your cubby. If you need to be reachable during a class, please give out our studio number (510) 858-5447. Set Apple Watches on theater mode, and light up the studio with your presence, not your accessory.

save that thought

You and fellow riders are here for an awesome workout. If talking during class, you’ll be missing some of the experience and distracting others. We do encourage you to chat before/after class!

scents are for dates, not workouts

Perfumes/colognes during class are a NO; Deodorant, however, is a YES!

stay the whole ride

Barring emergencies, please stay for the entire class. We will miss you if you leave (and it drains the energy out of your neighbor’s last sprint to see someone getting off a bike).