Cycling Classes


ultimate ride
50 minutes

Our signature class, this RIDE is a fast-paced, FUN and intense cardio experience that burns calories while toning your legs and core. A full-body workout, this class includes upper-extremity strengthening using light weights.

extended ride
60 minutes

Sometimes we want more of a good thing - more time, more sleep, more RIDE. The Extended RIDE class is just like our signature Ultimate RIDE, but 10 minutes longer, at no extra cost. Because sometimes, more of a good thing is a great thing.


Strength Training Classes

50 minutes

In this total-body resistance class you’ll use your own body weight to increase core and full-body strength plus improve agility, muscle tone, and flexibility. No previous experience with TRX training is required, and, with a small class size, you can expect personal trainer attention.

hiit/core conditioning
50 minutes

A variety of HIIT and core exercises designed to challenge you and build total body strength and endurance. Everyone is welcome in this adaptable, small class, where you can expect trainer attention and modification options based on fitness level and experience.

FLOW and stretch
50 minutes

When we skimp on stretching, we miss out on the many benefits: increased range of motion, flexibility, posture, and energy as a result of improved blood circulation. Stretching also helps reduce the likelihood of injury, post-exercise soreness and recovery time.