Women Athletes from Oakland

Being an athlete is a challenge, but being a female athlete in a male-dominated arena makes things even more difficult.

Some female athletes from Oakland that you may have heard about include Alexis Gray-Lawson, a professional basketball player in the WNBA, Jan Henne (better known by her married name, Jan Hawkins) Olympic swimmer and former world-record holder, and Zoe Ann Olsen-Jensen, an Olympic diver. But being well-known doesn’t determine one’s athletic abilities. There are thousands of athletic women residing in our town that deserve equal recognition for their talents and skills! Below are a few of the many talented ladies.

From Oakland Boot Camp, a 4-week long outdoor fitness program that provides a combination of fitness, nutritional counseling, and motivational training, come athletes Jennie Votel and Anna Gunn. Jennie is a certified NASM Personal Trainer, a NASM Certified Teen Fitness Specialist, Adventure Boot Camp Certified Boot Camp Instructor and holds a Certification in Nutrition through Precision Nutrition. Anna Gunn is a NESTA Certified Adventure Boot Camp Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. What is particularly inspiring about these female athletes is that the two show strength and resilience through not only running their own business but also working their clinics. Talk about kicking butt in a male-dominated industry!


Oakland Movement is made up of two, but the female counterpart of the duo, Jaimi Patterson, is the yogi extraordinaire. Her teaching is rooted in the Alexander Technique. She embraces a personal blend of Vinyasa yoga that she calls EmbodyFlow. Jaimi is inspiring because of her dedication to helping others move better through her knowledge and abilities. You can take yoga classes from Jaimi at a variety of Yoga Studios, including Namaste Yoga and The Green Yogi.


Alison Roessler is another dominant woman athlete. She is the CEO and founder of Truve, a training facility and wellness center in Oakland. Alison teaches a mix of classes, including Fit Camps, Boot Camps, and Personal Training. Alison grew up an athlete. She water-skied, played soccer, softball, basketball, and finally fell in love with track and field. Alison even qualified for the Junior Olympics for a couple of track and field events. She continued to pursue fitness into her adulthood by opening Truve, which makes her a go-to name in the female athletic game.


Like to dance your butt off? Then you’d get along with Samar Nassar and Gabriela Nassar-Covarelli, the sisters and co-founders of Hipline Oakland. Samar grew up dancing professionally, while Gabriela played soccer and was involved in track and field sports. Now, the two have continued their athletic abilities onward and opened the dance studio Hipline. The athletic sister duo brings energy and spirit to their practice, with their core values being shimmy, connect, and love.


Lastly, Deb and Helen of yours truly, RiDE Oakland, and all of our fabulous, strong instructors that continue to show us what the true meaning of sexy is! Your athleticism is unparalleled.

Posted Mar 23, 2018

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