Muscle Soreness or Injury

You’ve been coming to more classes and really notice the positive change in your body - and mind! You might be considering adding a another RIDE class to your weekly schedule but are nervous about over-doing it. How do you tell the difference between healthy muscle soreness (good!) and injury (bad)?

We have all experienced muscle soreness after a great workout, especially one that uses our muscles in a new way. But there are a few key differences you need to know between muscle soreness and muscle or joint injury:

  • Muscle soreness typically lasts 2-3 days but not much longer.

  • Muscle soreness often gets worse with rest (feels like stiffness) and better with movement.

  • Soreness feels tender to touch and “tight” but not like a sharp pain.

  • Injury often feels more like a sharp pain (torn ligament or tendon) or joint pain both during AND after exercise.

  • Injury often has related swelling/inflammation.

  • Injury is often worsened by movement (and feels better with ice and rest).

  • Injury can last much longer than 2-3 days and can become chronic if not addressed.

So if you think you’ve got muscle soreness, it’s okay to power through it and jump back on that bike. If you’ve got an injury, YOU NEED TO REST (and see your doctor or physical therapist if pain persists). And remember, cross training is ALWAYS a good idea to keep your body stretched out, strong, and healthy.

HEALTHJenni Schwartz